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In India, we already have an endless power source – THE SUN. Sun is a huge nuclear reactor creating approximately 17,000 times more energy every day than the combined global population needs. India, being one of the sunniest countries on this planet, stands out as a cutting edge in the solar revolution, leading its way into technology, incentive & rebate schemes and national uptake of this simple, cost efficient energy source.

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The Solar Panel comprises of Photo-Voltaic (PV) cells also known as solar cells. These solar cells are made of number of electrons and when the sunlight hits the solar panel, the electrons within the solar cells starts to vibrate and electricity is generated as direct current. The direct current is then converted into alternating current that are used to power your appliances.

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If your solar grid is producing more power than your home needs, the excess electricity can be fed into your main electricity grid. And, electricity companies can meter these to provide a credit on your electricity bill. You are not only helping to create sustainable environment, but also reducing your electricity cost. Isn’t this a great way to save money over time?

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Everyone have a different electricity need and, the generation potential of solar power differs from place to place. Get in touch with our experts who can help you find the right size for your needs.

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Sun Energy Solar Industries & Projects is the brain child of Manju & Somasundaram - alumni of CENTRAL POWER RESEARCH INSTITUTE, INDIA.

Established in the year 2009 as Sun Energy Systems in Hassan, we are a household name in this region for the quality of systems we have supplied and the services we have provided to our customers. Having serviced more than 10,000 clients for their hot water requirements, ranging from residential customers to educational institutions, hotels, hostels and corporate, we have established ourselves as pioneers in this field of solar hot water systems. Our ability to understand the needs of the user and customizing the systems as per their needs, has clearly made us the most preferred solution provider in solar industry.

Realizing the immense potential in the field of solar energy and having established the trust of our associates and customers, the above said was converted to a private limited firm and renamed as Sunenergy Solar Solution Private Limited in the year 2014. And, in the same year, we became an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

The Solar Water Heating Systems manufactured by us are marketed under the brand name ‘Sun Energy  Solar’ and ‘Sun Energy Spring’. We are a team of well-trained staff with technical expertise to respond to all the needs of the customer, providing product customizations to meet unique requirements and after sales service. With this sound background and clear understanding of the market and relying on the power of sun we have expanded our network across Karnataka, and we are continuing to grow.

Having established this company on the principles of Desire–Design-Deliver, we are working towards our goal of “Affordable and Sustainable Solutions for all” as our MISSION statement. We intend to delight our customers with our solution and strive for excellence in all our endeavours to meet the needs.

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Plot no. 56, KIADB Industrial Area, Kunigal, Tumkur Dist, Karnataka - 572126

+91 9916089899

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